Creating a Website and Information System for You


In this modern era, it requires us to know everything about how technology development starts from communication, information, to transportation. Thus it greatly influences the business aspects and self-existence for celebrities, politics or career support.

To develop business closer to consumers and reach consumers, provide information from a government or educational institution. Web application is required.

The website is an information system website page that can be accessed quickly. This website is based on the development of information and communication technology. Through the development of information technology, an interconnected computer network is created. A network known as the internet is constantly being electronic messages, including e-mail, file transmission, and two-way communication between individuals or computers.

Whereas web applications are applications that are accessed using web browsers through internet or intranet networks. The web application is also a computer software encoded in a programming language that supports web-based software such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, Python, Php, Java and other programming languages.

Ways of working

  • Web information is stored in documents in the form of pages or web
  • The webpage is stored on a web server computer
  • While on the user side there is a computer that acts as a client computer
  • where a program is placed to read web pages on the web server (browser)
  • The browser reads web pages that are on the web server

There are 2 main parts in the web application, the first is the client side and the second is the server side, the client side in this case is a PC or it can also be a mobile device that is connected to the internet network, the Client can access web applications through a web browser such as internet explorer, mozila fire fox, google crome, opera and others, while the server is a computer device with good specifications used to store web applications along with a database server that is ready to be accessed by the client, the client is in charge of requesting the web server page through the Web Browser, the Web browser will continue to the Server where the Web Application is located, the Server Computer will process the request from the client, when the requested web page is found, the server computer will send it to the client computer and the requested web page will be displayed on the web browser on the client computer.