Web Applications and Application Servers

In this era of internet, many applications that can be demanded can be accessed online and safely. Want to shop via online, want to find information through online so even with the company’s business processes are required to go online.

 Thus one of the reasons the planet jasa  present is to help you to develop personal or company its existence online.

For each company, they want to expand their business to a greater extent by adding various aspects to reach all consumers. This applies to all companies, both in terms of profile companies, services that can be accessed online or all business processes that can be done save more time and money by creating applications as business support. As for some of our services are as follows:

Online Company profile is a company profile that describes the business field of a company, organization or agency. For agencies and organizations to show their vision and mission or show some of the services that offer bids.

Front Office is an application to support anything that has a direct relationship with customers. It provides the functionality and data needed to receive orders, configure complex products and provide effective service and support to customers. This includes customer relationship management, sales force automation, customer support and field services. Like the registration system, booking or scheduling, in hospitals, schools, insurance, banking or hotels and all companies that deal directly with customers, which can be accessed online.
Front office applications are very broad, such as managing bookings, daily guest detail reports, making various reports, ordering, verification, issuing invoices, daily reports to find out how many transactions occur.

Back Office is an application to support business activities of a company, organization, school or institution. This is to help process more efficiently. Such as checking the stock of goods that are almost exhausted, checking items that are near expiration, ordering / ordering goods to suppliers, checking items that are less salable for returns / replacements, matters on accounts payable / credit, and other reports that have been presented in full. on a computer with special software. One thing is certain, back office staff make the report and submit it to the department of a company or institution. With physical forms such as financial applications, supply of goods, accounting and many others.B

Web applications that describe promotional activities for a product or as a trusted source for consumers to know more about the product, also for official sites for an event or event whether for concerts, grand alumni events or any activities that require sources or official sites

a few points above just as an example, we can create and realize an application, please talk with us if you want to create an application that supports your business and free of charge