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The rapid development of computer and internet technology makes human dependence on access to information experience a significant increase. The high consumption of people about IT, planet jasa provide services to meet the needs in IT, by providing input , solving problems related to information technology in your business and provide solutions for what you need in IT. Planet jasa comes with bringing solutions to grow your business by providing IT Consultant services. As well as Providing the best service for the achievement of customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the quality of work, speed, accuracy, and competitive prices.

Some of our services

Web application
Mobile Application
Desktop Application

Represent and make your sales business online, both for the front office and back office. Front office application is an application for clients in terms of making transactions and as a representation of business in terms of reaching and improving your business so that you get closer to consumers. Back office applications are management from the business side such as procurement of goods, analysis, sales management and others.

With the rapid advancement of communication tools, with many mobile phone users, the need to interact socially, business or information, a mobile application is needed to make it easier for consumers to interact with the company, social life and some tasks, either transactions or business by using mobile app.

It is necessary to represent the vision and mission of an organization, business and personal that is easily accessible, it is necessary to provide means, namely with a company profile company profile, an attractive web page as information and interaction with consumers or the community for organizations or businesses. So that it can reach new consumers and market products and as a means of promotion from a company, organization or personal.

As a means of sending or receiving messages between a company or organization with consumers or the public, as a login authentication tool, promos, receipts, sending messages and notifications

Company management is needed in terms of human resources, efficiency in data processing that occurs in business, so an information system is needed, in the form of software, can be a type of website or desktop. With a variety of complex business processes where each other is interconnected, it can be in the form of handling HRD (Human Resources  Department), finance, supply of goods or any transaction processes that occur within the company or organization. With information systems facilitate the management of companies or organizations, and can save costs in business processes of a company or organization.

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