vision and mission

Our Vision

Planet Jasa provides for making software either mobile, desktop or web based for personal or business needs.

Planet Jasa focuses on progress and innovation in creating competitive advantage and commitment to provide perfect service to all our customers

Planet Jasa always provides innovative solutions for every partner and trusted in providing smart and precise solutions in the field of technology

By upholding the process of making the application to provide the best results with maximum satisfaction

Meeting to determine the problem of what technical, design and business processes you need

Technology Specifications
By understanding what has been needed and documented as the basis for the selection and creation of software, both website, desktop or mobile

Modeling and design
We design applications both in the user interface or business processes based on existing needs

Application Creation
After everything has been agreed, we make the application that you need.

In this phase the application is ready, but in the testing process to avoid errors and be tested by the user or tester

Launch / end of phase
Your application is completely finished been created and ready for use

our mission

Our mission in the IT field, in addition to providing solutions and making web or mobile based applications, also contributes to improving the quality of companies in Indonesia by providing high-quality information technology and information systems with international standards


Actively participate in building the digital creative industry, by providing consulting services, making and developing the best, high-quality, quality and timely applications


Providing convenience to the public through digital products that are used to help clients develop creative ideas, innovative ideas, inspirational thoughts and provide solutions briliant


Develop mutually beneficial partnerships and partnerships, and improve the quality and quality of applications to become consultants and developers who are able to provide the best services

Best service

Providing the best services for clients in developing software for progress and synergizing with various institutions and other business companies to improve performance and best services

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Let's create better tomorrow with us